1: Welcome to 2053

I plan to retire in 2053. The world will change significantly by then, and we together decide how.

The purpose of this blog is not to try to imagine the future. We can barely predict the next six months, let alone 34 years. Rather, the purpose is to think about and discuss the topics we grapple with today, to together better the future. The purpose is to clarify how we intend to build a 2053 which suits a vision of happy and productive. Those are relative terms, certainly, but agreeable enough for today.

Trust, integrity, and knowledge are issues in our everyday lives and workplaces which affect us all. How we handle them today will greatly impact how 2053 will be for us all.

The idea is not write a prescription to tame our VUCA world, but instead to understand how, over time, we can together get better at working together. The long view, and 34 years is a very long view, requires at once a “true north” and and great deal of flexibility. I’ve been a believer in that since reading Scott Adam’s “Goals vs. Systems” (I highly recommend the whole book.)

How can you trust that the people in your life are working towards a similar vision of 2053? How can you maintain integrity with yourself to arrive at the 2053 you imagine? How can you know that you are working with the right knowledge, that is the right information, assumptions, and intelligence to arrive there?

These are topics to wrestle with here. I promise not to advertise answers. I only promise to ask the questions to bring us together.

Welcome to 2053.